Super Bloom 2019


I’ve gotten this question a few times since posting some photos the other day, it’s really just what it sounds like.

“A lot of steady rain followed by warm temperatures cause seeds dormant for decades under the desert floor to burst open and produce a spectacular display dubbed the "super bloom”!

In California, super blooms happen about once in a decade in a given area, and they have been occurring less frequently with the drought.”

Pretty freaking sweet right?! I have been living in California for 4 years now and thought I saw a super bloom two springs ago but let me tell you after what I saw yesterday that was #fakenews! I can’t even begin to explain how beautiful these poppy fields were! It was like straight out of a dream!

I am dying to go back already!

If you know anyone who would LOVE to do a photoshoot here LET YA GIRL KNOW ASAP! I want to do a photoshoot here SOO BAD! Until then, here are some photos of Theodore (My 2.5 year old golden) and I!

Kelsey Elliott