Last 2018 Adventure

This trip was all about spontaneity! I LOVE being spontaneous, I am not a type A person at all in this area (only when it comes to wedding planning and my job do I like to be type A and extremely organized). The thrill of not knowing what you might find along the way is so exciting!

tenor (1).gif

Call me crazy but some of my best trips have been ones that are completely unplanned! You just have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone! Trust me you should try it ;)  Anyways, I am originally from the East Coast and now live on the West Coast so when I found out my cousins/Aunt & uncle were going to be in Las Vegas around Christmas I knew I had to go see them! When I heard they were planning to go hiking at 7am last Thursday I was like “yup, now I have to go”. I jumped on a flight at 6am - which called for a 4am wake up, I am NOT a morning person… but like I said step out of those comfort zones right!  - When I arrived at 7:07 my family was there to greet me with big hugs and smiles! No time for coffee before the 3-4hr hike though…


…that is why being spontaneous is key because 4am wake up, dealing with airport security, 1 hour flight, no coffee and strenuous hike normally wouldn’t sound like a ton of fun but let me tell you it was one of those days I’ll never forget and it makes me smile every time I think about it! To top it off I made my 7:30pm flight home after dinner and wine with the family! 

Family + Hiking +  Rock Climbing + Photography + Shrimp Pasta + Wine = PERFECT DAYS

Thanks again for letting me tag along and capture some family photos in Red Rock Canyon! 

Kelsey Elliott