How did this happen?!

Photography found me and I am so so happy it did.

If you know me, you know I’ve always been the girl in the friend group that has a camera on her 24/7, taking an absurd amount of photos (so typical, I know). I even minored in photography in college. Never in my wildest dreams though did I see photography becoming a part-time and hopefully soon a full-time career.

Finn & Sam being the goodest boys.

So back to my original question! How did this happen?! Why did I decide to jump head first into photography all of a sudden? A friend of mine got engaged this past year and they had a terrible experience with the engagement photographer they hired. UGH so frustrating! Buuuttt… lucky for me they are as obsessed with their dogs as I am with mine. Morgan reached out to me because of Theo’s Instagram (yes my dog has his own Instagram) She wanted Sam & Finn to be in their engagement photos and thought that I might be a dog whisperer.

The shoot went so well – minus Sam & Finn practically dragging Amy, the dog wrangler & coat rack… thank you for your service, across the beach – she has recovered since and thanks to her I was able to capture some moments between Morgan & Kevin without the dogs stealing the spotlight as well!

I couldn’t stop smiling during the whole shoot, a spark was lit inside me and I felt like maybe, just maybe this was what I was meant to do!

Morgan, Kevin, Sam & Finn your family will forever be so special to me because of your trust in me and for all the doors that have opened since that beautiful day on the beach! <3

Since then I have shot two engagement sessions (two more scheduled this year), a maternity session and a WEDDING! WHAT?! Don’t worry I’ll be sharing more soon so stick around!  

P.S. I am not a writer/blogger and don’t ever plan to be. I am just a photographer sharing my photographs with you + some simple commentary ;)

Thanks for being here! Now back to the hustle and grind!

Kelsey Elliott